The objectives of the TGG are to improve the dissemination and implementation of the evidence based guidelines on the prevention and treatment of thrombo-embolic diseases and to promote further research on the optimal use of antithrombotic strategies.

Welcome to the website of the Thrombosis Guidelines Group.

For many years, the TGG has been a forum for a multidisciplinary debate on the optimal strategies to prevent and treat venous thrombosis.
This website aims at disseminating the recommendations and the practical tools of the TGG amongst Belgian medical doctors.
We wellcome your comments and invite you to actively participate at our vivid discussions!

Prof. Dr. Peter Verhamme
Chair of the Thrombosis Guidelines Group

Guidelines from the Thrombosis Guidelines Group

Thrombosis Care
Treatment of VTE
Use of LMWH in patients with chronic kidney disease
LMWH-Renal failure2010.doc33.5 KB
Thrombophilia screening
thrombophilia screening 2010.pdf97.81 KB
Superficial thrombophlebitis
TGG flebitis NL 2015.docx37.02 KB
TGG flebitis FR 2015.doc75.5 KB
Prophylaxis in acutely ill medical patients
Peri-operative bridging of antithrombotic therapy
Peri-operative bridging of antiplatelet therapy
Extended prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism in major surgery
Extended Prophylaxis after Major Surgery 2010.pdf156.98 KB
Dabigatran: practical questions
Rivaroxaban: practical questions
Rivaroxaban: practical questions 20121.61 MB